NFTEarth Team

This is the NFTEarth team. As we grow and decentralize the DAO, we will be looking to add new team members. NFTEarth is currently looking for talented individuals, so if you believe you could add value to the DAO and have interest in NFTs, get in touch!

  • Weston (Project Lead) WΞston is involved with several DeFi protocols and DAOs. His background is in traditional finance, most notably at Fidelity Investments where he was fortunate to learn directly from some of the best asset managers in the world. He is helping to shape the strategic direction of the DAO.

  • Ryuzaki (Lead Developer) Ryuzaki has over a decade of experience in web application and smart contract development, specifically in the NFT domain. His strengths include React and mobile application development, and significant experiences with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). For NFTEarth he focuses on the public website and contract interactions.

  • Maestro (Head of Marketing) Maestro is the marketing lead at NFTEarth, in charge of building the brand and social awareness for the protocol. Maestro has vast NFT ecosystem experience across Ethereum Mainnet NFT trading platforms.

  • SirJoey (Head of Business Development) SirJoey is a web3 OG with significant experience in the NFT space and a strong interest in helping NFTs gain wider adoption. He is tasked with leading the BD initiatives for NFTEarth.

  • C.Money (Community Manager) C.Money is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable web3 community manager for NFTEarth. He has several years of experience in the web3 space, and shares his knowledge and insights with the community. C.Money is fluent in both English and Spanish, and is a supporter of bringing the LATAM community onchain in any way he is able to help.

  • iz.rael (Community Manager) Izrael helps manage and grow multiple web3 communities, largely in Discord - and contributes critical ecosystem news to the community regarding anything Layer2 related. He's a passionate L2 user - and looks forward to a future where Ethereum Layer 2 brings financial access to millions of people around the world.

  • Benita (Community Moderator) Benita is a web3 enthusiast who has a passion to help on-board people into the crypto space. She helps our DAO members get oriented as they explore the L2 space. She enjoys learning about Ethereum innovations, and helping community members of L2DAO find answers to any and all questions.

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