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The NFTEarth Roadmap
Read our article published on Medium about the major benefits of adopting the LayerZero Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) standard. Link:

Current Roadmap

  • Launch Omnichain token to serve as native protocol token for NFTEarth (Completed July 2023)
  • Build in-app Omnichain bridge powered by LayerZero (Completed July 2023)
  • Build first Chainlink VRF enabled game on Layer2 (Completed August 2023)
  • Enable Buying/Selling of NFTs on Arbitrum in $NFTE, and $ETH (Completed August 2023)
  • Build first AI-infused NFT Avatars (Completed September 2023)
  • Add $ARB as payment currency on NFT marketplace
  • Deploy NFTE Staking Contract Deployment
  • Staking UI
  • Epoch DAO Accounting Reports for Revenue Sharing
  • NFT Utility for Earthling + SmartNFT Avatars
  • Additional Exchange Listings/Collaborations (DEX or CEX)
  • Applications for Grants to secure DAO runway
  • Arbitrum Gitcoin Grants Round Participant
  • Establish new strategic partnership with AMM liquidity protocol.
  • Build and deploy decentralized web3 SocialFi messaging application
  • Build and deploy decentralized web3 name service to compete with ENS and UD - full integration with chat application - Earth Domains.
  • Apply to Gitcoin Grants formal quarterly round led by Gitcoin
  • Apply to Ethereum Foundation for a grant to build AI into NFT use-cases
  • Establish over $1M in onchain liquidity via innovative LP staking mechanism to enable large buyers and institutions to get involved in NFTE ecosystem
  • Complete CEX listing on Tier A exchange (Binance, Coinbase,, Huobi, KuCoin) for enhanced liquidity for all users
  • Complete enhancements to PWA and deploy native mobile applications for iOS and Android