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Earthlings are a collection of 3,131 NFTs from NFTEarth, consisting of entirely unique NFTs, created using generative AI technology on the Arbitrum L2 network. Designed to be dynamic, they are all 100% unique in their creation having been minted using generative AI technology, and they evolve over time based on conditional relationships that either are met, or not met, which have an impact on the NFT.
Earthling NFT
A unique Earthling NFT, 1 of 3,131 in total
What is the Earthling NFT smart contract address on Arbitrum? The NFT contract address is: 0x8778B7FD7e2480C6F9Ad1075Bd848B7Ce1b9d90C
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Better With L2

Built by NFTEarth - a tokengated NFT collection serving as a tribute to 3LAU and the power of blockchain technology applied to music. Non-fungible tech and NFTs have the potential to completely transform the music industry. Built with Unlock Protocol - this proof-of-concept NFT was minted approximately ~5,000 times on Optimism.
What is the Better With L2 smart contract address on Optimism?
The NFT contract address is 0x90baa8714afc2089ed4c9afb21707fea6fc82157 View it on Optimistic Ethereum
Better With L2