Brand Assets

Here are NFTEarth media assets for use in partnership and collaboration announcements - included here are logos and icons in PNG formats
Usage Guidelines
  • Use the NFTEarth logo in its original form.
  • Do not place the logo on backgrounds that provide insufficient contrast.
  • Do not stretch, compress, or add effects (like shadows or gradients) to the NFTEarth logo.
  • Do not change or edit the colors in the NFTEarth logo.

NFTEarth Color Palette


NFTEarth Blue
NFTEarth Red
NFTEarth Green
NFTEarth Lime
NFTEarth Purple
NFTEarth White
NFTEarth Black
NFTEarth Icon .png
1024 x 1024 .png
1920 x 1080 Logo .png
NFTE Icon .svg
NFTEarth Into Orbit