The NFTEarth AI is an onchain AI application powered by non-fungible technology combined with GPT models designed to create a new NFT experience for users, powered by machine learning.

Introducing AIKO

Aiko is the first NFT Avatar from NFTEarth infused with AI powered by Google Vertex AI and ReadyPlayerMe Avatars. NFTs and AI can together create tremendous synergies, AIKO has been created to be the first NFT protocol in-app guide, digital companion, and resource to all users of the NFTEarth protocol.

AIKO is designed to leverage the vast capabilities of LLMs in order to provide a fun and useful experience all contained within an NFT for users of the NFTEarth protocol. AIKO synthesizes human speech in order to generate a helpful response to any user query they may have.

Users will be able to mint their own individual and customized NFTs, upgrade them over time for additional utility, and enjoy other benefits only available to NFT holders.

SmartNFTs by NFTEarth

Take a few minutes to read the published Medium article about the SmartNFT products being released by NFTEarth. Read the published article here:

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